Eric Li
Director/Licensed Estate Agent P. 0398883169 M. 0415689981

A founding Director at LLC with over 20 years of sales experience across various industries before stepping into real estate, Eric’s expertise in negotiations and sales is among the best in the business.

Consistently producing high sales volumes and record sales figures each year, you know you are going to get results with Eric and his team. Predominantly operating in the Eastern suburbs, the loving father of two is also a specialist in dealing with overseas investors and has a sales portfolio ranging from development to luxury residential properties, leasing and rural properties.

Andy Lou
Director/Licensed Estate Agent P. 0398883169 M. 0433291634

Originally from Shanghai, China, Andy is delighted to now call Melbourne’s eastern suburbs home. As a Partner and Licensed Estate Agent, Andy has extensive experience in helping clients achieve their real estate goals. His local knowledge, further strengthened by business qualifications and a gift for connecting with people at all levels, supports his ability to deliver premium results.

As a Director and fully Licensed Estate Agent, Andy is committed to providing his clients with highly effective marketing strategies and expert advice. Judging by his record results and outstanding customer service feedback, Andy’s clients benefit greatly from his expertise. His personal approach to each and every negotiation has resulted in significant repeat and referral business over the years.

A well established career and outstanding reputation as an expert in his field ensure that when you entrust your property to Andy, you too can expect the best.

Shelly Zhang
Director/Licensed Estate Agent P. 0398883169 M. 0431634526
Belinda Leng
Partner/Licensed Estate Agent P. 0398883169 M. 0432156305

Having completed a Master of Commerce with a major in Marketing at the University of Sydney, Belinda is an oustanding agent who has excellent understanding of the complexities involved in real estate sales in the multi-cultural market.

She is multi-lingual and conversant in English and Mandarin.

As an experienced licensed estate agent equipped with with more than 20 years of sales and marketing experience and skillful negotiating skills, Belinda’s sales performance over the years has seen her being recognized as one of the top performers in the real estate industry.

When not at work, Belinda enjoys Tai Chi, painting, skiing, dancing, and spending quality time with friends and family.

Ricky Chen
Area Manager P. 0398883169 M. 0405157785

Ricky believes anything is possible and with his honest and friendly nature, he is a pleasure to buy or sell a property through. These good qualities have helped Ricky to build an impressive client base and he regularly enjoys repeat business and referrals from many satisfied vendors and purchasers.

Having sold many properties in Melbourne, Ricky believes his strong negotiating and communication skills, paired with his ongoing commitment and focus have been the key to his success. His ability to speak Cantonese, English, Mandarin and French also enables him to service a wider range of clients and understand the values of multi culture.

Born in China and raised in Canada, Ricky moved to Toronto Canada in early childhood. After finished at York University, he started to work in Melbourne Australia.

With his list of achievements and success, Ricky has been working as commercial and residential business development. Project Manager as both commercial and residential construction development.

When he gets a spare moment away from his busywork schedule, Ricky enjoys Yoga and likes to exercise at the gym after work. Travelling has always been a passion of Ricky’s, whether it’s staying within Australia, or venturing out to the rest of the world, Ricky loves to travel.

Tim Li
Area Manager/Licensed Estate Agent P. 0398883169 M. 0430739620

Motivated and hardworking, Tim makes every effort to achieve the best possible outcome for his clients, His passionate, kind and easy-going nature allows him to build client relationships with ease and satisfy their needs. Tim is inspired by seeing a smile on his client’s faces, always ensuring he honors his commitments.

With previous experience in selling off the plan projects and second-hand properties across Melbourne, Tim has gained vast knowledge on the Melbourne Metropolitan area and the real estate market, His extensive network of investors, developers and bankers are also invaluable assets to clients.

When asked what sets him apart in his role, Tim replied with, “My inherent understanding of Asian culture, my fluency in Mandarin and English, and my civil engineering background help me to interact and communicate with a diverse range of clients to achieve their real estate goals.’

Outside of work, Tim enjoys travelling, gardening, spending time with loved ones and looking after his pets.

A valued member of the LLC team, Tim looks forward to assisting you with your next property transection.

Nick Li
Senior Area Manager/Licensed Estate Agent P. 0398883169 M. 0421040919
Maggie Yang
Area Manager P. 0398883169 M. 0422228587
Yin Yin Loh
Senior Area Manager P. 0398883169 M. 0410052131

Yin Yin had been investing for the past 20 years in Malaysia and Melbourne before taking the plunge to pursue her passion and career in the real estate industry.

She is a conscientious, helpful, positive and caring person by nature and loves being able to assist families in securing their desired home. Yin Yin is passionate about people, doing what is right and enjoys working hard to meet their expectations.
Yin Yin endeavours to provide a holistic service to all her clients, assisting them in a smooth and stress free transition from selling their properties to purchasing new ones, or relocating to retirement homes. Having gone through the process of schooling her two boys, Yin Yin always goes the extra mile to assist clients with school-going children to understand the system and in the enrolment of their children in the schools. She understands the Asian culture which is invaluable when packaging the property accordingly to attract the right buyers.

Yin Yin’s ability to speak English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, Hakka and the Malay language, enhances her ability to create rapport with Asian clientele. She believes integrity and trust is ultimately the foundation upon which relationships are built and is the most essential ingredient in effective communication along with consistency. Above all, Yin Yin always honours her commitments and is consistently rewarded with incredible client loyalty, recommendation and referral.

Dedicated and determined, Yin Yin looks forward to assisting you with your next property transaction.

Chelsea Deng
Area Sales Manager P. 0398883169 M. 0469900094
Gina Yang
Area Manager P. 0398883169 M. 0415791977
David Wang
Sales Manager P. 0398883169 M. 0430 806 666
LLC Rental PM 1
Property Manager P. 0398883169 M. 0406522974
LLC Rental PM 2
Property Manager P. 98883169 M. 0414128354
LLC Rental PM 3
Property Manager P. 0398883169 M. 0422 637 586